Communicate with nature’s five elements and our five senses, humans developed a secret sound or language, which is known in India as ‘Mantra’. Mantra’s existence in different forms by different cultures. Like from Native Indian to Indian, from Christian to Muslims, from Jiff to orthodox, from Buddhist to Shaman etc… Our inner world sound and outer world sound are an enormous mysterious. They are the source of our enrichment and freedom. There is a deep relation between mantra and our senses. Mixed theme of those feeling created this Music Band MANTRASENSE.

“I represent my eight generations, well known musical family roots where I grown up, music is in my blood. Living in Europe since last several years I give many concerts to all over the world and letting my audience to discover a new flavor & new style of music. I also working and listening to various kinds of music from Pop to Trance, Techno, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz, Reggaeton & Ragga. I wanted to add what I was discovering. A little bit like the different type of clothes we wear in different country like sharee or kurta-punjabi in India, kimono in Japan, kilts in Scotland etc............ but inside we are the same, a human being.”

There are a very excellent mixed with acoustic-instruments and electronics world because they are powerful enough and give a danceable rhythm with the madness of the playing and in other hand we filter modern crazy electronics sounds elements and we add and mixed them to create new sounds. MANTRASENSE present you very excellent music tracks with great western and eastern mix. You will listen to several acoustic instruments, a sitar, a djembe, a bamboo fute, a bass, drums, tabla, a guitar, a violin, etc... and a special instrument khamak. This instrument is new for the European audience, it is my fetish instrument. We like it particularly for the totally crazy rhythms you can play on it, but it has a strong personality for its small size. Now so many different new sound discover happening in music world and We are very much appreciate that. In mixing all those instruments in one group we want to show that different cultures can meet through the music get together and mix and stay in unique. It is a theme of deep in our heart, this musical mixing which creates a universal language, a complete freedom……….

Backed by many encounters and partnerships Zap Mama, Trans global Underground, Fun-Da-Mental, Studio Pagol, etc, Bapi harmoniously unites worlds that initially seem light years apart. With his new group MANTRASENSE, he successfully treads the paths of electro-fusion-folk roots. The combination of popular Indian instruments and European musicians astonishes and delights audiences. Ravishing female dancer provides a sensual natural feeling with different dance styles while performing for the group.

Bapi is impressed by the diversity of style that the different cultures had to offer, thus he inculcated them in his fusion band. He ensured that their identity was retained. The result is amazing. We wish that during the concerts of MANTRASENSE the audience dances with heart of joy and move by the rhythm but also charmed by the melodies, that you can bring with you because they stayed inside you.

This group will always be opened, in any movement. There will always be a part of improvisation. The idea is that musicians can express them self with their compositions on instruments, their voice and their dance. It is not a new idea of the group, we did it several times. Always we share our happiness to communicate deeply with people with whom we are unable to understand or communicate by language, but the audience are very happy to share this exchange.

On the stage, our only desire to share our music with a musician who comes from somewhere else, the listening is vibrating. You can hear it like an endless question mark, you can smell it in the air like the memory of a forgotten perfume; you can see it on the smile of the musicians.

MANTRASENSE wants to invite you to discover what life shows to you and be welcomed into the music family. Therefore you need open your five senses, which are a part of you. They are in other words your ticket to freedom.

And the best is yet to come to enjoy........................